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Hi guys,

Some of you already know who visited me in the past months and told you personally, those we haven't met i tell you now.

From the end of April i am going to work only part time, only few weekends per month for a year. And in August a full week or two, i'll see.

As I am going to be away all month and will be back only for few weekends ONLY

I will be doing a full time course. I gonna drive of fly back for Saturday and Sunday and will be only in Portlaoise. In august full week or two. Might visit some other cities not sure

I HAVE 5 MORE WEEKS LEFT WORKING FULL TIME. I have decided to go on tour and visit all or most of the cities and towns i have been before one more time.

After the year i will be back working a bit more, might be even touring a bit more, but won't be working full time. I will be persuing a new carrier in a different field.

Hope we can meet soon


Marsha xxx

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