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1. Do you do video calls on Whatsapp or Skype? 

I do it on WhatsApp

2. What are the working hours? 

10am to 10pm. 

3. Do you show your face on the video call? 

IF you show your face i do as well as an introduction when i am still fully clothed. But then when i start stripping down, no face. If you don't show your face i don't do it either. 

4. Do i need to show my face? 

No, not at all. You can turn camera away, or cover it or disable it. 

5. What if you can't talk on the call? 

No problem, you don't have to. You can stay quiet and just watch. 

6. Do you take pre bookings, pre payments? 

No i don't. Contact me when you'd like to have a call. Pay now/play now sessions. I don't schedule and wait for calls. 

7. Am i genuine? 

Yes hun, i have 335 all positive reviews showing that i am genuine. 

8. Is card payment safe? 

Yes it is safe, over the phone or online as well. Both linked to my legit business account. 

9. What do you do on a video call? 

Starting with a sexy striptease. i Wear dress, or skirt/blouse, lingerie and stockings. Strip down, showing pussy and boobs, fingering and toy play. No anal, watersport, domination, or role plays scenarios. I don't squirt.

10. Do you do anal on the video call? 

Only bit of butt fingering, no toy goes to butt

11. Do you squirt? 

No hun. 

12. Do you do phone Sex? 

No I don't 

13. Do you have pictures and videos for sale? 

Yes hun, i have. Lots of sexy photos. 

SOLO PICTURES: Nude, wearing sexy lingerie, showing pussy, boobs, bum, toy in pussy, licking toy, butt finger... 

I make new ones continously

WITH COCK:  like blow job pics, teabagging, foot fetish, footjob, titty wank and cowgirl butt pics. 

Please note the cock pictures are limited and i don't make new ones now. 

14. Do you have videos? 

Yes i have pre recorded vidoes. Please check the VIRTUAL SERVICES page for the list

15. If i buy videos and pictures from you can we have a sexy chat afterwards for free? 

No hun, pictures and videos does not include sex chat. If you wuld like to chat about the sexy pics or videos please pay for sex texting. 

16. I have paid for a call, can i have some pics,video for free? 

No hun, if you ay for a call, you get a call. Pictures or videos are not included in a call. If you want that uou have to pay for that as well. 

17. Can you send free pics before i make a call? 

No hun, i don't send free stuff. 

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