Phone sex chat: 

-10mins 20€

-15mins 30€

Video call: (on Whatsapp, Viber or Duo)

10am to 9pm

- 15mins 30€ (minimum payment)

- 20mins 50€

after 9pm 

- 10mins 30€

- 15mins 40€ 

after midnight if i'm still up (rarely)

- 10mins 40€

- 15mins 50€

Sex texting:

i charge for the time (can add pics, 5 for 10€, 10 for 20€)

- 15mins 30€ 

- 20mins 40€... 


- card payment over the phone

- card payment online on a secure massage therapy  website (non-escort, i give link when you would like to pay)

NO revolut transfers anymore, BUT you use your REVOLUT CARD physical or virtual card, online or over the phone, NO paypal, NO paysafe or phone topup

Also i accept bank payment but ONLY during BANKING HOURS, for new clients direct lodgement only, not online transfers. Online transfer is available ONLY for repeat clients, that i have met before.  


Please note paypal and  paysafe vouchers and direct revolute transfers are NOT available anymore

I have pictures and videos are available as well. 


--  Photo package :

* 10pics for 20€ variety of pics: full nude and in lingerie photo, pussy, boobs, blow job pics, teabagging, foot fetish, footjob, titty wank and cowgirl butt pics. 

* 10 foot fetish photos: Oily feet, curled and not curled, stockings, nude colour and black nylon, bare feet, footjob 


* video package 1: 5x about 1-2min short clips for (wearing sexy lingerie, showing off tits,  touching pussy closeup, blowjob vid, and a cim vid)  30€


* video package 2: full naked show pussy,  blue lingerie lots of butt,  butt toy play, watersport, and blow job. 30€ 

* watersport video package: 4 watersport video clips (total length 5mins) 60€ NEW 


- photo &  video package : 10 variety of pics and the 5 short video clips. for 40€ 


-- Videos i have pre - recorded : 

    * 10mins video :brown leather pencil skirt & white blouse, striptease.. playing with toy..  40€ NEW

    * 10mins closeup video playing with various toys, pussy and anal as well. 40€

    * 10mins compilation video with different outfits, lingerie, music background, no nudity. 30€ 

    * 11mins video, silk gown, mint green lingerie, playing with realistic thick dildo 40€ 

    * 10mins video wearing pink leggings, lots of butt teasing, fingering, toy, hairy pussy 40€ NEW

    * 3mins pantyhose video 20€ 

    * 2mins watersport video 20€ 

    * 5mins closeup pussy play finger and toy + ass fingering 20€ 

    * 5mins video wearing gym outfit strip down to naked 20€

    * 5mins video wearing red super sexy lingerie + butt fingering 20€

    * 5mins video wearing blue lingerie suspenders show pussy +toy  20€

    * 5mins video wearing white blouse & Scottish skirt pussy fingering 20€

    * 5mins video wearing white blouse & short Scottish skirt & blue lingerie + toy 20€

    * 5mins video Office look, black tight skirt & white blouse, black exclusive lace lingerie stripping down. 20€

    * 5mins video , wearing tight jeans and tee shirt, bikini underneath stripping down. 20€

    * 5mins video, silk dress with white suspenders and knickers underneath, toy sucking, 20€ 

    * 5mins video, yellow tight satin mini dress with red lingerie, pussy and bum fingering, 20€ 

    * 5mins video, polka dot lingerie striptease, pussy rubbing 20€  

    * 5mins video, totally naked only stockings, pussy rubbing finger licking 20€  

    * 5mins video, in black & blue lingerie, suspenders, trimmed pussy, fingering 20 

    * 7mins video, strip down sexy see-through black lingerie, G string, then toy in pussy 30€ NEW!

    * 7mins video, black skirt&blouse, see-through white lingerie, pussy fingering 30€ NEW!

    * package of 2 x3min videos wearing white sexy leotard & black wet look swimsuit 20€ 

    * package of 2 x3min videos, red top& black leather skirt, and silk blouse & skirt no underwear 20€