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Naughty secretary in leather

I have several leather outfits, skirts, mini and knee lengths, dresses, pants. Boots too, ankle bootie.

Unfortunately i don't have them with me on tour all the time, as i can't pack all my clothes. I try to bring at least one of them with me. My favourite is actually a knee lengths navy blue A-line skirt. It is long and loose enough to wear garter belts underneath, very classy and sophisticated look, still very sexy. Can't find it at the moment, i misplaced it somewhere.. :((

This red mini isn't a new one, some of you might have seen me wearing it.

The blouse is new, i like this combination a classy white blouse with a sexy red mini skirt. It's a naughty secretary look, especially if i put my glasses on.

Is it just me or it's hot in here... lol

( i like crisp white shirt on guys too ;) huge turn on )

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